To us, the name Black Sheep is more than just a name, but a mantra or a way of living. Being a black sheep became a part of the owner’s life when she entered the age of the girls she grew up with all looking, dressing, and sounding alike while she stuck out with her black clothing and experimental makeup. Through her “growing up” years she played with different looks and identities, but the one thing that persisted was her love of fashion. Although Sarah had a fairly typical teenage experience, she knew that her aspirations were different and that her interests were viewed as unique. Despite the negative preconceptions that came with her career choice, Sarah stayed true to her individuality and the black sheep inside her. She worked hard to graduate high school at the mere age of 16 so she could begin a career in cosmetology. Knowing in her heart that her cosmetology career was simply a stepping stone to where she wanted to be, she kept a full schedule and saved enough money to create her dream job. At the age of 20, Black Sheep Boutique was born. Sarah found an ideal spot in The Farm Shopping Center to begin her first venture into owning her own clothing store. Staying appreciative to her roots in cosmetology and the friends she made along her journey, she sectioned off part of her store to provide a stress-free salon for others to continue their esthetician work. Although Sarah was strong-willed and independent, she brought her sister, Emily (a black sheep mainly in her odd-ball personality), to help with the business. With the help of her parents to create clothing racks and the infamous wood wall, the store was ready to open. Although Sarah’s first love is fashion, her message to girls is to be true to yourself; break away from the herd and pave your own way.

Be a black sheep!